The Butterfly Lifestyle

Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Be a Butterfly.

The Butterfly Lifestyle nonprofit was first established in Florida in May 2019 by Health & Wellness and Nutrition & Wellness coach Shereece Mitchell. It was through her process of losing over 100 lbs that Shereece had the epiphany that she not only needed a physical but also a spiritual and mental alteration. Combining her love for helping others and volunteering, The Butterfly Lifestyle became her brainchild, and was formed to assist individuals who are less fortunate to receive opportunities to live a healthier life.


Our Foundation

It is Shereece’s desire as a Christian to motivate and inspire change among individuals not just physically to become their best versions, but also with God’s love, grace and mercy. As a result finding balance in mind, body and soul wellness.

The Butterfly symbolizes the transformation from caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. The caterpillar undergoes a life changing transformation to shed the comfort zone of the cocoon to blossom into a butterfly. The phrase Lifestyle is used to embody the continuous process one has to go through to become whole. It’s not a diet or fad. It’s a lifestyle change.

The Butterfly Lifestyle represents an individual letting go of their former self and fully embracing the person they are truly meant to be, thus making them whole.


Stay Tuned


A Magnificent 2020

Tentative 2020 Activities

  • Health Fair
  • Weekly/Bi-weekly/Monthly Exercise Activities
  • Mental Health Workshop
  • Diet & Nutrition Workshop
  • Physical Health Workshop
  • Healthy Eating Expo
  • Enlightenment – Mind/Body/Soul Event
  • Flavor of Soul Event
  • Fundraiser

Mind, Body and Soul

We live in a world where an unhealthy lifestyle has become the norm. Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, and other health-related issues are on the rise, in addition to the unrealistic emphasis on what physically healthy should look like. We are encouraged to live a healthier lifestyle, however, more often individuals are unable to afford the means necessary to sustain such a lifestyle. Additionally, the importance of mental and spiritual wellness is not prioritized. Therefore, The Butterfly Lifestyle exists to bridge that gap, to help individuals on their fitness journey no matter their desired fitness need. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be boring. It doesn’t mean constant dieting and lifelong sacrifices. A healthy lifestyle is finding the balance in life by making small changes in the current lifestyle that will propel the individual to become complete.

The Butterfly Lifestyle is for everyone, families, and friends, young and old, individuals who are ready and willing to embark upon wholesomeness.
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